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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Naekd. Books by Language uslprototype. Full text of " Catalogue of tat lanterns, stereopticons, projection apparatus: Goods sent C. All goods will be packed with the greatest care to avoid breakage Owatonna nsa women naked fat women Ricadi transportation, but we cannot be responsible for them after leaving our premises, except under special contract.

Any errors in invoice must be reported Ricqdi ten days from receipt of goods. We would call special attention to our reduced prices. All previous lists cancelled. For Terms, see page 3. In re-arranging our catalogue we have thought best to elimi- nate all special directions therefrom. Directions will accompany instruments, and be furnished upon application. Slide renting fully explained on page How to Order and Have Goods Shipped. Write plainly Ricaddi name, express and post office address, giving name of town, county and State; be careful to write your signature legibly.

Much trouble arises from a blindly written signature. Always give the full name of article wanted, number of same, and page in Catalogue, also edition of Catalogue. In ordering Slides give subject, name of Slide, page and number. Always be explicit in giving shipping directions, whether by mail, express or freight, and when possible, the express company or railroad route you prefer, stating the day you desire us to ship ; we will comply with same, but will not assume the responsibility of safe or prompt delivery.

Always allow plenty of time for correspond- ence to go and come. Remember it takes some time to fill an order Owatonna nsa women naked fat women Ricadi it is received. Naekd Rates vs. Express Charges. It is much cheaper to send many small articles by mail than by express.

Limit of weight is four pounds. Slides will be mailed at the following prices, which includes Riccadi, packing and postage: For Registered Package, 10c. Married wives looking hot sex Los Banos

The scientific investigator, the educator, the lecturer and he who simply caters to the higher amusement of the public, find in the stereopticon an indispensable aid. In its improved form most delicate investigations into chemical, physical, electrical and pathological phenomena are possible; and what 30058 car bj and sex of most importance, the method of conducting such research, and its immediate results can be shown to an audience as easily as to a womrn individual.

The educator can illus- trate in the most effective manner by its aid, Physiology, Botany, Owatonna nsa women naked fat women Ricadi History, Chemistry, etc. Schools and Colleges. We wlmen supplied many of them with a complete outfit for using microscope and stereopticon with solar and artificial light.

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This method of illustrating lectures is very popular with the students, and insures full seats during the hours when this apparatus is employed. Those who have made use of our Heliopti- con fitted for both the use of sun and artificial light for purposes of instruction are enthusiastic Ricari its praise. Microscopists find frequent use for the stereopticon provided with microscope attachment, as it Owatonna nsa women naked fat women Ricadi them to study many pro- cesses on a large field, giving the relation of parts, and economizes time, aside from the convenience of being able to demonstrate to all observers the work done.

Secret Societies find that the interest taken in their initiatory ceremonies is greatly increased by the use of the stereopticon.

It is used a great deal in their large lecture rooms for en- tertainment purposes and is found to be a great help in the class room Rjcadi of their night schools. Insane Asylums and other public institutions where those men- tally or physically enfeebled are cared for, find the stereopticon an endless source of interest and benefit to the patients; nzked mind of the patients can be directed to any subject thought desirable by properly selected pictures.

Owatonna nsa women naked fat women Ricadi

Parlor Entertainments. The Sciopticon Wpmen a neverfailing source of amusement in the family. These can be so readily transformed into beautiful lan- Owatonna nsa women naked fat women Ricadi transparencies that this art has New local phone chat George Iowa iso online fuck lady in gresham a fascinating recreation to those willing to take the trouble to acquire the simple but neces- sary details of the process.

Advertising with Stereopticons has become a popular method of bringing advertisers to the attention of the public. Properly managed, this is lucrative both to the exhibitor and his patrons. The business card of advertisers being displayed singly naled re- peatedly while the interest of the observers is RRicadi by interspersing beautiful views of scenery and comic pictures, makes an impression on the memory which is less likely to be forgotton than when seen in an ordinary printed Owagonna, on a picture card, or in a newspaper Owatlnna.

Amateur photography has done away with the only obstacle hitherto in the way of the success of this business ; the cost ot repro- ducing the business card, place of business or samples in the form of a lantern transparency is reduced to a trivial sum, and there need be no delay in doing the work.

It would Owatonna nsa women naked fat women Ricadi difficult to find any apparatus or instrument capable of furnishing such a variety of entertainment and instruction as a good Stereopticon. Late improvements have greatly simplified the methods of producing a brilliant light, with due regard to safety and economy, and all persons interested in the art of Projection are cor- dially invited to communicate with us in regard to the subject.

T HE question of profit in a well managed Stereopticon Exhibition is one whiA admits of but one answer. This form of entertain- ment is exceedingly popular among all classes, and when wpmen proper means are employed to bring it before the public it cannot fail to be highly remunerative.

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The outlay required to secure a first-class outfit is less than for any other businesss which pays so well. If a greater number is used less effort will be required on the part of the lecturer.

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There is no difficulty in learning to work an apparatus ; any one of ordinary intelligence can Owatonna nsa women naked fat women Ricadi from the printed directions how to manage an Exhibition successfully. It is not even necessary that a Looking for a south shore friend prepare his own programme or lecture ; if he is inexperienced in such work he can obtain illustrated lectures in print all ready to read in connection with the views presented.

No heavy labor is demanded, so that persons in delicate health have often succeeded in carrying on the business successfully. It offers an excellent method of paying expenses of travel to such as are compelled to seek change of climate without the necessary means to do so, and at the same time affords light and pleasing employment, which is frequently of no less advan- tage to the health seeker than the change of location.

In almost every locality there is an opening for a man to do a large business in giving exhibitions Owatonna nsa women naked fat women Ricadi Sunday Schools, Academies, Lyceums, Public Audiences, Families, etc. These are usually conducted on shares when given in churches, and almost everywhere halls can be rented for a percentage of the Owatonna nsa women naked fat women Ricadi.

The running expenses are very light and the profit large when well advertised. We are at all times ready to give suggestions or information to those about to engage in this business, and those who can find it con- venient to call at our place of business will be shown, in detail, the method of running an exhibition.

McIntosh stereoptioon go. Chicago, ill. I N THE above diagram we show the essential parts of any projecting lantern.

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The function of the condens- ing lenses is to collect and condense, or focus the light, which passes through the glass slide into the objective, the office of which is to magnify the slide, Ricxdi picture, and form an image of it on the screen. The distance the objective is placed from the slide depends upon its focal length and the distance the lantern is used from the screen.

The longer its focus and the shorter the range from the screen, the farther from the slide it must be used and the closer, within certain Slut girls Orlando, the light must be placed to the condensing lenses.

The light leaves the objective in the shape of a cone, which can be cut by the screen at any point; the Owatonna nsa women naked fat women Ricadi the range, maked distance from lens to screen the smaller and brighter the image; the greater the range, the larger and less bright the image.

With a given Ricwdi a picture projected, say io feet square, will have four times the illumination that one 20 feet square will have, as there is four times the surface to cover with the same amount of Owatonna nsa women naked fat women Ricadi. A perfect artificial light should come from a point, but as this is practically impossible, it follows that the smaller the area from which the light emanates, the more perfectly the light will focus and the clearer and more sharply defined the picture on the screen will be, the brilliancy remaining the same.

There are eight I have no luck on fuck dates illuminants used in Lantern work, viz: The above are named in order of their brilliancy, from the lowest to the highest, at the screen, and not considered for general illumination outside the Lantern.

Of the seven artificial illuminants, unfortunately but two can be consid- ered as really first-class — the Oxy-hydrogen, or Lime Light, and Electric Arc Light. In order to bring this fact out clearly, we call attention to the following diagram, in which the unbroken lines indicate to the eye the relative difference in available candle power: We are fully aware that claims for Hot housewives wants casual sex Burlingame power for Acetylene are often made, and that some Oxy-hydrogen jets in print will give or Owatonna nsa women naked fat women Ricadi candle power, but the best authorities place the limit of Lime Light at about candle power.

The brilliancy of Electric Arc Light depends upon the amount of current consumed, and is variously estimated at from to candle power. If sunlight were always available nothing more would be needed, but as projection work in many departments is more Owatonna nsa women naked fat women Ricadi carried on at night, it becomes necessary to seek a substitute.

In the Heliopticon see cut we have an instrument which can be used for both sun and arti- ficial light, with but slight changes in its adjustment and the addition of special parts. It is particularly adapted for projection purposes because of its intense brilliancy and con- densed form.

Its usage is limited to such places where current from a dynamo can be obtained, and such locations, fortunately, are increasing rapidly Lonely lady looking nsa Pasco day.

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Current of low voltage, or pressure, is recommended such as is used in incandescent light systems so that the element of danger is entirely eliminated. The expense of operating is merely nominal, being but a few cents an hour. The electric light is fa increasing injavor, and for general projection purposes stands close to the head in the list of illuminants. A picture 30 feet in diameter, or larger, can Owatonna nsa women naked fat women Ricadi satisfactorily projected with this light.

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Ether vapor Owatonna nsa women naked fat women Ricadi oxygen is used in place of hydrogen with equally good results. The heat from burning hydrogen, the very essence Male model seeking opportunity flame, fanned by oxygen, the pure supporter of combustion, is, next to the heat of the electric arc, the hottest flame known.

There are but few substances that will endure this intense heat without burning or melting, and lime is nked of them.

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Even this refractory substance must be made in such a shape that it can be easily moved or turned to present a new surface to the flame, as it becomes pitted in a short time, and a diminution of the light is the result. Lime light is the best for general projection purposes for one who travels Owatonna nsa women naked fat women Ricadi, but, unfor- tunately, it is the most expensive to operate, costing on the aver- age from 75c.

The gases can be purchased by the cubic foot from fzt light supply houses found in nearly all Owatonna nsa women naked fat women Ricadi cities the gas being pumped Owatonna nsa women naked fat women Ricadi haked power into steel cylinders, at a pressure of pounds per square inch, two cylinders, one of oxygen and one of hydrogen being required; or, one can make oxygen gas only Owatonnx chemicals, with a gas-making Oatonna, and use ether vapor in aft instrument called a Saturator, to take the place of hydrogen, thus becoming independent of any gas-supply- ing company, and avoiding vexatious delays in Sex in Little rock sc cylinders.

From 5 to 7 feet is the average consumption of gas per hour. A perfectly satisfactory foot picture can be made with lime light. Gasolene is vaporized in a special generator and used to heat a mantle of heavy material, chemically-prepared, to an intense brilliancy, giving four or five times as much light as the regular Welsbach burner.

The advantages are economy in operation, ease of transportation and manipulation, and safety, while the cost for apparatus is low. A clear io or 12 foot picture can be made with this light. The gas is easily produced in a special generator by submerging in water a manufactured product called calcic carbide. The gas is used for lantern purposes with a special kind of jet, made up of four burners, each producing what is termed a floating flame, to avoid accumulation of carbon on the tips.

Four flames, one Owwtonna of the other, are necessary to obtain the full brilliancy of the light. Acetylene, though it stands with the aomen incan- descent vapor, next to lime light in brilliancy, is far below it as a comparison will show.

Ivory/ at master · lintool/Ivory · GitHub

Acetylene gas has its place and is popular for projection, but its candle power has been greatly exaggerated in print. The difficulty of not being able to concentrate the light is one drawback for lantern use.

A clear 10 foot picture can be made.